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Message From the Pastor

The four week season of Advent is necessary for us to grasp the full meaning of Christmas. The four weeks of Advent all have a unique theme of preparation. The theme for the first week is "Hope." This is related to the Old Testament prophesies that promsied a Messiah would come. Week two has a theme of "Peace." Like John the Baptist, we continue to prepare the way for the "Prince of Peace" in our lives today. The thrid Sunday of Advent heralds a theme of "Joy." In songs of joy we await the Lord's coming. Finally, on the fourth Sunday of Advent we proclaim the theme of "Love." We trust in the extravagant gift of God's love poured out for us in the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Christmas brings out the child in all of us. Waiting is the hardest thing in life, and regardless of age, none of us get very good at it. But when Christmas finally arrives, it is always worth the wait. I look forward to celebrating Christmas with you.

See you in worship,

Pastor Dale+